Our Story

Murphy Lou Co is a company inspired by our dog, Murphy Lou. In our quest to find new ways to dress him up we saw the cutest bowtie at a local boutique with a pattern we had to purchase. When we got home we put it on him and soon found out that it wasn't made quite the way we expected. The materials pulled apart, it only attached with an elastic tie that was too large for his collar and it didn’t stand out the way we were hoping it would. That night, we researched how to make him one for ourselves. Following copious trial and error we settled on something we loved. We use a durable stabilizer layer on the inside to help keep shape, hand-sewn seams to ensure the quality is above standards and an elastic snap back for durability and quick interchangeability.

He looked so dapper in them we could not stop making them! We received so many compliments and interest in our looks that we have decided to share them with the world!